Organic Inside & Out at Jen's Organic Home & Spadefoot Nursery

December 14, 2019
9:00am – 5:00pm

As of November, Jen’s Organic Home & Baby has been providing organic and sustainable home goods and baby stuff to the Old Pueblo for 3 years, and Jen wants to celebrate!

You spend almost half your life in bed (some of you even a little more than that); many beds, mattresses and bedding contain materials that are terrible for your health. Jen meets all your slumbering needs with products that are free of all those toxic materials. Are you a new parent, or expecting to be one? Jen also has baby clothes, stuffed animals, and an entire new lines of toys, just in time for the holidays. And they all are made with the same safe materials and techniques that are healthy for your family and the environment.

Back in July, a plant nursery literally moved into Jen’s backyard. Spadefoot Nursery wants to make you aware that they’ve moved into the neighborhood!

Spadefoot provides native plants of the SW US and Mexico, domestic edible crops, and botanical curiosities. Their goal is to get you to see your yard as a corridor for wildlife. They can help you meet your needs in the landscape while still providing for all those butterflies and birds.

Since the holidays are coming up, Spadefoot will have more cacti, succulents, and the sort of plants that make great gifts, in addition to locally made pots, yard art, books and seeds. They offer gift cards too!

On Saturday at noon, Spadefoot will give a short presentation on making your yard kid friendly, the Spadefoot way! And on Sunday at noon they will do a presentation on pleasing the pollinators, year round. As always, Spadefoot Nursery will be there for any of your plant, landscaping, wildlife gardening, and vegetable and herb gardening questions.

On Saturday, December 14th, Tumerico Tumerico will be set up to feed you regionally vegetarian and vegan cuisine and on Sunday, December 15th, Txoko Truck will be onsite with Basque-inspired cuisine.

Come hang out with us and celebrate Jen’s three year anniversary and welcome Spadefoot to the neighborhood. Located on The Sunshine Mile on Broadway just west of Country Club, both shops are open Wednesday through Sunday, closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.