UPDATE: Community Mural on the Sunshine Mile

To our Sunshine Mile Community,

We’re so close to bringing our new mural to life and invite you to help us reach this goal together. As a registered 501C6 non-profit corporation, the Sunshine Mile Business Association truly could not function without your support. Help us put the finishing touches on this community-funded mural by visiting our GoFundMe below. Donations of any size are welcome, and all donors will receive a shout-out on our Social Media pages.

Check out our GoFundMe page!

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Business Sponsors

Interested in donating more in exchange for your business’ name represented in the mural? Let us know by sending a message to info@sunshinemile.com or

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We’re hoping to get paint on concrete soon and appreciate your support in the process. By giving to this project, you’re supporting local artists and businesses while beautifying our community. Stay tuned for more details on the community paint date.

Mural Design

Porter McDonald
“Moving Day” 

“A late summer evening, just before sunset. Seven bristly javelinas trot westward toward a glowing Tucson skyline. Each critter carefully balances a small bungalow on its back. The architectural style is immediately familiar: deep, wide front porches beneath low roof lines held up by solid, thick columns that taper ever so slightly. Suddenly, the disappearing sun reveals a grand finale, setting the clouds on fire with yellows and reds all radiating from the skyline of downtown.

And in that golden light the last javelina turns to look back, and you think:
‘Only in Tucson…'”