FORS Architecture / FORS shop

Sonya Sotinsky and Miguel Fuentevilla are the owners of FORS Architecture + Interiors, a firm that has been highly involved in Tucson’s evolution for the past 20 years. Sonya and Miguel met while completing their undergrad at the University of Arizona and went on to California to pursue further education and eventually starting their business in the Bay Area. 

Sonya Sotinsky + Harlee, the FORS shop dog

They had big dreams as a young, ambitious couple and they quickly realized they wanted to be in a city where their work could be impactful for its improvement.  “When we decided to come back to Tucson, one of our goals was to make a tangible and positive impact on Tucson. We felt like that was a more attainable here and that we can actually be a part of making it better”, says Sonya.

As the firm has grown, Sonya and Miguel have done exactly what they set out to do. They have been involved in the growth of our city working on restaurants, residential properties, office spaces and more. “We have an integrative approach; I always say from ‘snout to tail’. I’m thinking about the experience from the curb to the toilet paper holder. We’re thinking about the thing as a whole.” If you have been in Tucson for any amount of time, you have probably experienced the results of this integrative approach. They have played a part in some of Tucson’s most loved establishments: Hub Factory Ice Cream, R bar, Playground, and so many more. 

SHOP by fors is a curated collection of gifts and home goods with an eye toward the modern and well designed products.

Inside their office space, Sonya has also created and curated SHOP by fors, a retail shop with a collection of unique gifts and housewares. The retail shop was started 7 years ago in the storefront of FORS architecture when their office was still in the downtown area.

They moved to the Sunshine Mile in late 2019 when they saw the potential of the area as Tucson’s new frontier. “Just like downtown, it is on the precipice of change”, says Sonya. Currently on display in the SHOP by fors is their proposal for The Sunshine Mile Friedman Block rehabilitation. The FORS team continues to live out the original ambitions of the firm: to play a part in making the city better.

We are proud to have FORS Architecture + Interiors and SHOP by fors on the Sunshine Mile. The future of our district is brighter because they are part of our Sunshine Mile community. ☀️