Hofstadter Analytical Services

There are a wide variety of businesses on the Sunshine Mile. We have restaurants and warehouses, barbershops and craftsmen. A large majority of our businesses are people in offices providing services that connect Tucson to other cities, states, and even other countries. 

One of those businesses is Hofstadter Analytical Services. When you walk into the office, you can find curious gadgets like an original calculator that looks like a typewriter, a working rotary phone, and all kinds of contraptions that the owner, Dan Hofstadter, will gladly teach you about. Dan started his business in 2000 and has been on the Sunshine Mile since 2005. His building is just slightly further back from Broadway in a quiet but central part of the Sunshine Mile. It was built in 1949 as a duplex and later converted to an office where it housed the Tucson Conquistadors and Bear Essential News, among others.

The Hofstadter Analytical team predicts how devices will perform in real-world situations before they are built. They provide this service for universities, national laboratories, medical device manufacturers, and consumer products companies. He and his team work on anything from astronomical telescopes and spacecraft components all the way to the down-to-earth items such as detergent bottles and equipment carts. By performing analytics and making predictions for these companies, they assists designers, reduces risks, and minimize development costs. 

There are not many small independent companies that do what Hofstadter analytical does, especially with an emphasis on optical devices like telescopes and other spacecraft devices. When asked what he loves most about his work, Dan said, “We get to play with really big toys (telescopes), toys attached to fireworks (spacecraft), toys with blinking lights (computers and electronics), and we get to help people.   Couldn’t ask for anything more!”

As a long time member of the Sunshine Mile Business Association, Dan says he is looking forward to seeing what Broadway will look like in the coming years. 

The wide variety of businesses in our area is what makes our District so unique. From the restaurants to the scientists, we all have a very special part to play in the bright future of our Sunshine Mile District.