Kiss of Smoke BBQ

Kiss of Smoke Barbecue is one of the many family owned businesses on the Sunshine Mile. Located just on the outskirts of the Mile, Brandi Romero owns the business with her parents, Ted and Cindy Robinson.

The family started out by cooking for friends and eventually began competing in barbecue competitions. Their popularity quickly evolved into catering and a food truck. In January of 2017, the family decided to open their brick and mortar shop at 663 S. Plumer Ave. 

Brandi says that their spot on the Sunshine Mile is unique because, while it is close to Broadway and the buzz of traffic, they are truly a part of the Arroyo Chico neighborhood. They have customers coming in for lunch from the industrial businesses in the area as well as families who walk to the restaurant to get dinner after work. “We’ve been delighted how the neighbors love it. They like that they can walk some place and get food. We even get kids walking to and from school who will stop in to get a drink and tell us ‘I’m coming back with my dad later to get ribs!’”

Her family is native to Tucson and her husband, Pike Romero, is one of the people behind Tucson Hip Hop Festival. Together they have cultivated and enriched the culture of our city with music and food. 

The menu at Kiss of Smoke BBQ includes many of the staples of a great barbecue joint. Their most popular meat is the brisket and their most popular plate are their tacos made with pulled pork and chipotle bacon slaw. They also have jackfruit, barbecue chicken, and a wide array of house made rubs and sauces. 

They are closed for 4th of July weekend, but they will be back in the barbecue pit on July 8th!