Something “Amazing” on Tucson Boulevard

You may have found yourself driving down Broadway Boulevard recently, and made a frightening realization: Amazing Discoveries is gone! But fear not, Tucson. The Amazing Discoverers haven’t closed up shop, but merely relocated a short distance west of their previous location. Now sitting south of Broadway along Tucson Boulevard, Amazing Discoveries is happily filling their new space.

Fans of their unique and vast spread of board games, toys, trading cards, and comics will be happy to see that it remains much the same as their previous building. Their back area, where they host a variety of events, is significantly larger than their old location. As the city slowly reopens and COVID precautions continue to ease, Amazing Discoveries eagerly anticipates being able to use their larger space to the fullest. They are currently hosting regular meet-ups and competitions for Magic the Gathering, Digimon, Dungeons & Dragons, and several other trading card and board games.

Amazing Discoveries has also announced that their Tucson location has been designated a Premium store from Wizards of the Coast, a Hasbro subsidiary and acclaimed nationwide game publisher. This recognition is a high honor for the store, and will also enable them to receive awesome exclusive merchandise as well. They are currently the only Premium store in the city of Tucson, and one of the few in Arizona.

As a finishing touch to the exterior of their new location, Amazing Discoveries commissioned local artist Jessica Gonzales to christen their south-facing wall with an incredible new mural, seen above. We’re excited to see all the new things happening for one of the most renowned game shops in town.

Amazing Discoveries is open Monday through Fridays from 2:00pm to 9:00pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 12:00pm to 8:00pm. Their new address is 238 S. Tucson Boulevard, just south of Broadway.

Note: The owners of Amazing Discoveries were kind enough to share many of these important updates with us via social media. This allowed us to share these details through our own posts and stories. We love using our platform to elevate Sunshine Mile businesses! So for all of the SMBA businesses out there, feel free to keep us in the loop about changes and updates that you’re experiencing, we’d love to know about it!