Yong Sheng Herbs & More

Did you know you can find the wisdom of Chinese medicine right here in the Southwest?

Hui Ling Jiang and her family established Yong Sheng Herbs in 1996, just two years after moving to Tucson. They found a home on the Sunshine Mile and have been faithfully serving the Tucson community ever since.

Hui Ling learned Chinese medicine from her grandmother growing up as a child in China. Every herb does something different and can help with a wide variety of ailments and symptoms. Not many people have knowledge of herbs, but many people have an interest in understanding their health in a natural way. Many of her customers come to her with prescriptions from their acupuncturists or herbalist for loose herbs or capsulated pills. Hui Ling loves sharing her knowledge with her customers and gracefully cares for their health alongside them.

Hui Ling and her husband have a strong love for herbs, but they are also very passionate about Tucson. She enjoys the creativity of our city and describes our mountain view to be “like a picture”. Yong Sheng Herbs has been on the Sunshine Mile since 1996 and moved locations in 2018 to downsize and prepare for the Broadway widening project. In their new spot located just a few blocks closer to Country Club, she has greatly enjoyed being nestled beside businesses like Bisbee Breakfast Club and Desert Island Records and gaining the foot traffic from the great businesses in Broadway Village.

In the times of corona, things have only changed slightly for Yong Sheng Herbs. They used to hold small events for herbalist consulting but have placed them on pause for the foreseeable future. They are still filling subscriptions and have shifted to mailing orders to customers. If you have an interest in bettering your health with natural methods or simply finding the best herbal teas in Tucson, swing by Broadway Village and say hello to the wonderful people at Yong Sheng Herbs.